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Dairy Queen - No Kid Hungry

Have $1 burning a hole in your pocket? Donate $1 to "No Kid Hungry" at Dairy Queen and get a FREE ice cream cone! The money spent in Perryton stays goes to the kids in Perryton!!!! Let's come together as a community to strengthen our community. Indulge today! "Equally committed to making its first-year participation in “Dine Out” successful is Fort Worth, Texas–based Vasari LLC, the second-largest Dairy Queen franchise group in the U.S. Its CEO, William Spae, says he anticipates investing $10,000–$15,000 across Vasari’s 75-plus units to sponsor “Dine Out.” Customers who donate $1 to No Kid Hungry will receive a free cone through the month of September, and, in addition to posting POP materials and yards signs, Vasari Dairy Queens are promoting the campaign at events throughout their communities". -QSR Magazine September 2014 | By Sherri Daye Scott


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